Conti CC100 2 Group

A superior, traditional coffee machine. A must have for any up-market coffee shop, restaurant or cafe.

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CC100 2 GROUP 

The new masterpiece, conceived to meet the request for exceptional reliability and espresso extraction coupled with value for money and a compact design.


  • Easy maintenance associated with the latest technology, the solidity of the casing and frame manufactured in metal, ensure the competiveness of the CC100.
  • The ergonomic design with a large operating area and the setting tolerances are the main assets to constantly delivers a quality espresso.
  • The temperature control by probe, shown on an optional display and adjusted by PID on the thermosiphon system, allows to deliver all coffee specialties with guaranteed thermal stability.
  • Modular, with version from 1 to 3 groups, the CC100 is available in Espresso or Tall Cup for large-size cups until 148 mm high.



  • Make sure your grinder is set up just right and you will get remarkable results
  • Dont forget to clean your machine 
  • Good espresso coffee hates a dirty machine
  • After turning on, flush hot water through the group head briefly
  • If the coffee pours out too quickly it will taste sour – you need a finer grind of coffee, and perhaps tamp with a bit more force. If the coffee pours out too slowly or is dripping through it will taste bitter and burnt – you need a coarser grind of coffee. Have fun getting it just right!
  • When pouring the milk into the coffee, be gentle. Pour at a constant rate of flow, and try pouring figure eight patterns slowly into the middle of the crema

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