Barista - Colombian Cafetiere

Pack size: 1 x 60 sachets

Individually portioned specialty cafetiere coffees.


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  • A Medium roasted Colombian full flavoured cafetiere coffee  
  • Cafetières make a popular and easy way to serve a wide range of speciality coffees
  • Individually foil packed 15g single portion sachets, ideal for 2/3 cup cafetières
  • Vaccum sealed after grinding, locking in both flavour and taste until opened
  • Presented in a stylish display/dispense box


1. Boil water:Fill the kettle with enough freshly drawn water to fill the cafetiere twice over and bring to the boil

2. Grind & weigh the Coffee: Grind the coffee whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. The coffee should be ground very coarse (like sea salt). If you but your coffee pre-ground and its not very coarse, reduce the infusion time (see step 7)

You'll need 6g of ground coffee for every 100ml of water. So if you're planning to make 250ml of coffee, you'll need 15g of ground; for 1ltr you'll need 60g

3. Pre-heat Cafetiere: Once the kettle has boiled fill the cafetiere with boiling water and insert plunger.

4. Add ground coffee: After pre-heating our cafetiere for 1 minute, discard the water and give it a quick wipe. Now add the ground coffee.

5. Add water: The remaining water in your kettle should now have cooled sufficiently to brew coffee. With the spout of the kettle positioned just above the cafetiere, slowly pour water into it. Fill it to 1xm below the bottom of the spout and start the time.

6. Stir: Give the coffee solution two gentle stirs to insure the grounds are evenly wet. Now replace the plunger, bringing it to rest just above the solution.

7. Infuse for 4 minutes: Leave the coffee solution to infuse for 4 minutes. Then, using little more than the weight of your hand, press the plunger down.

8. Serve immediately: Serve the coffee immediately. Don't leave it in the cafetiere as it will continue to slowly extract. If you're not going to drink the coffee straight away, transfer the solution from the cafetiere into an insulated flask.




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