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A superior, traditional coffee machine. A must have for any up-market coffee shop, restaurant or cafe.

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X-ONE Comes in two models 2 and 3 group and two versions (E) Espresso and (TC) tall cup. Comfortable to handle sustained work, efficient to allow making high quality beverages in big quantities, qualitative to perpetuate its use at low cost, technical with advanced control systems and a neat intern organization, the turns out to be a wise choice for a demanding professional. 


  • Extraction temperature settings - The thermosyphon system associated with the adjustable flow control, on each group, ensures high temperature stability, whatever the production volumes. 
  • Control Panel - The illuminated press buttons are sized as desired to allow easy and intuitive selections ensuring a comfortable use. 
  • Steam taps with dual functions - Lift the lever and a steam jet installs quickly to full speed in the locked position. The closing position is done by simply loweing the lever. To activate the "flush" function,  a simple press on the lever is enough. It’s simple and effective with! 
  • Mixed hot water - press the control key and pre-programmed quantity of water will be quickly delivered at right temperature and without splashes. 
  • Stainless steel wire drip tray and spacious basin - stainless steel wire drip tray not to stain the bottom of the cups and quickly evacuate the splashes in a wide and spacious basin which is easily removable. 
  • Adjustable flow control - The adjustable flow control device (1 per cup) allows setting the temperature level on the first coffees. 
  • The display - directly in sight, the display provides all information allowing the general control of the machine: information on settings, management and maintenance


  • Power - Single Phase 
  • Voltage - 230V
  • Heating power - 3500 W 
  • Boiler capacity - 13 L 
  • Size in mm (W x D x H) - 768 x 553 x 527
  • Net weight - 58 kg
  • Pump flow - 100LL/H 
  • Boiler temperature controlled by sensor + PD yes
  • Mixed hot water - 2 x volumes
  • "ECO mode" - yes
  • Automatic cleaning of the coffee groups - Yes 
  • Heating element security - yes
  • CE certified - yes


  • Make sure your grinder is set up just right and you will get remarkable results
  • Dont forget to clean your machine 
  • Good espresso coffee hates a dirty machine
  • After turning on, flush hot water through the group head briefly
  • If the coffee pours out too quickly it will taste sour – you need a finer grind of coffee, and perhaps tamp with a bit more force. If the coffee pours out too slowly or is dripping through it will taste bitter and burnt – you need a coarser grind of coffee. Have fun getting it just right!
  • When pouring the milk into the coffee, be gentle. Pour at a constant rate of flow, and try pouring figure eight patterns slowly into the middle of the crema

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