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At CBS we are constantly reviewing ways we can adapt our packaging in line with technological developments for a more environmentally aware approach. We also ensure we are up-to-date with the implementation of such technologies in the waste disposal facilities and policies employed by local councils in the UK.


All our products can be stored at room temperature. This reduces the impact on our environment caused by greenhouse gas emissions.


CBS has been established for more than 20 years. As a respected supplier, we feel it is our responsibility to source our products ethically and to ensure that the resources and labour we use are taken in an ethical and sustainable manner. Our range of Rainforest Alliance Certified ingredients, in addition to Fairtrade and organic coffees, have been blended with the highest of quality in mind. You can be confident that with CBS you are using premium quality products which are fairly and ethically traded.


The objective of Commercial Beverage Services Ltd overall policy with regard to corporate social responsibility matters is to provide a reference point to guide all employees, on the elements that drive the conduct of Commercial Beverage Service Ltd business and relationships with the world in which we operate. Commercial Beverage Services Ltd as a member of the nationwide business community recognises its corporate responsibility commitments and this is reflected in the underlying policies which relate to:


We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. We trade within industry guidelines on all matters regarding the purchase and supply of beverage machines and ingredients. For further information see the Group standards of business conduct policy (Code of ethics).


We are committed to a programme of activities to achieve continuous improvement in health and safety performance whilst compliance with legal obligations in the various areas in which we operate. We also seek to identify and share best practise across our business. For further information please refer to our health and safety policy.


We are guided by our aim to deliver a competitive and fair employment environment and the opportunity to develop and advance employees subject to personal performance and business opportunities. For further information, please refer to our human resources policy.


Our business and livelihood depend upon our customers. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers and the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. We constantly strive to provide high quality service and products and good value for money.


Our objective is to reduce our impact on the environment, including factors contributing to climate change, we strive to achieve this through an ongoing commitment to improvement. We aim to comply with environmental legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions where Commercial Beverage Services operate. Please view our fairtrade and green credentials for more information.


We regard suppliers as our partners and work with them to help us achieve our policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. Specifically Commercial Beverage Services Ltd are committed to working with its suppliers of products and services to ensure that the welfare of workers and labour conditions within our supply chain meet or exceed recognised standards and to encourage them to adopt environmentally friendly practices as well. For further information, please refer to our ethical trading policy.


We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through support for appropriate non-political and non-sectarian projects, organisations and charities. We recognise that our business activities have varying direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which we operate. We are committed to reviewing and continuously improving our social responsibility programme and encouraging our business partners to implement corporate social responsibilities appropriate to their businesses. Our business areas are committed to adherence to our policies. The stage and level of implementation varies according to each business sector and maturity of business.


The corporate social responsibility policy applies throughout Commercial Beverage Services Ltd, to all directors and employees, and governs our approach to all our activities.


The Managing Director holds primary responsibility. Monitoring of each of the underlying policy commitments is the responsibility of managers. The Director, supported by the Company Secretary, is responsible for coordination and operation of the policy. .

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