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Q.What types of Free-on-Loan machines are available?


An extensive range of machines to suit the needs of most businesses are available. Filter coffee machines, Kenco singles machines, In-cup machines and fully automatic soluble machines are the most popular. We do not free loan any coin operated, bean 2 cup or traditional espresso machines.

Q.How much ingredient do I need to buy, to qualify for a Free-on-Loan machine?


This will depend on the type of machine you require. 

However, as a general guide:

  • Filter coffee machines - on average at least 25 drinks per day
  • Kenco singles machines - on average at least 40 drinks per day
  • In-cup machines - on average at least 50 drinks per day
  • Automatic soluble machines - on average at least 80-100 drinks per day

Q.Why is the supply-only ingredient price less than the Free-on-Loan equivalent?


With a CBS Free-on-Loan machine, the price of the ingredients covers the whole package including the use of equipment supplied, free on-site engineering services, installation, free maintenance, free parts and labour for the duration of the loan period.

Q.How do we choose the right machine?


We can provide a tailor-made solution specifically for your requirements. Our machine packages can be designed for all business environments.

Q.What's the catch with Free-on-Loan?


There is, of course, no catch.

We have been supplying Free-on-Loan coffee machines successfully for over twenty years. We have ongoing  working relationships with all our free on loan customers.

Q.What type of customers do you supply?


We supply 1000's of businesses in both the public and private sector. Here are a few examples;

Offices, restaurants, hospitals and health care, leisure centres, factories and warehouses, local authorities, coffee and retail shops, mobile caterers, schools, colleges and universities, sports venues and arenas, exhibition centres, conferencing facilities, forecourts and garages, licensed premises, MOD facilities, airlines, police forces, banks and financial institutions etc. 

Q.Can you provide customer references or testimonials?


Yes. Customer references and testimonials are available. A selection can be found here: Customers / Testimonials

Filter Coffee Machines

Q.What are the benefits of a filter coffee machine?


Filter coffee machines are an extremely cost effective way of serving great tasting, freshly brewed coffee, with prices starting from as little as 8p per cup.

They are very simple and easy to use, with an average three-pint brew time of just 5-6 minutes.

Our machines incorporate double auto-adjusting hotplates with a separate on / off switch for the upper hotplate.

Our fresh filter coffee is supplied in portion-controlled foil sealed sachets, filter papers are included free with every case.

Filter coffee machines are robust, reliable and easy to keep clean..

Kenco Singles Machines

Q.What are the advantages of a Kenco Singles Machine?


A flexible solution producing a wide variety of quality branded drinks.

The machine can be hand filled or plumbed into a mains water supply.

The Kenco singles system is best suited to small/medium-sized businesses.

Q.How does the Kenco capsule system work?


The ingredient capsules have been designed to work exclusively with the Kenco singles machine. Each branded capsule contains enough fresh sealed ingredients to supply the desired drink. There is coded information on each capsule which is interpreted by the machine. The machine uses this information to select the optimal temperature and infusion pressure creating a perfectly portioned, freshly-brewed drink every time.

In-Cup Machines

Q.What are the advantages of In-cup machines?


The ingredients are pre-filled into the cup prior to loading the machine. This ensures minimal maintenance of the equipment and a precise cost per cup.

Incup machines are not time-consuming as the drinks are produced instantly. Drinks can be produced quickly and efficiently for both staff and clients alike.]

Cup usage is easily monitered & audited

Soluble Coffee Machines

Q.What are the main benefits of automatic soluble machines?


These machines are designed for use in higher volume sites, where speed, quality, consistency and ease of use are essential,.

Push button controls deliver a range of speciality drinks 

Consistent measured portion control with minimal wastage

Perfect for high footfall sites requiring rapid repeat servings 

Foil sealed ingredients, no chilled storage neccessary

Water Coolers - Mains Plumbed - P.O.U (Point of use)

Q.What are the benefits of P.O.U water cooler instead of bottled coolers ?


Lower running costs and savings compared to conventional bottled water coolers.

Eliminating bottles means less hassle compared with handling, distributing and storing large bulky & heavy water bottles.

More environmentally friendly and a constant supply of freshly filtered water.

Q.How often do mains water coolers need to be sanitised ?


It is recommend machines are sanitised every six months. Sanitisation is a relatively easy and inexpensive task. Some machines can be fitted with an integral chemical free ozone sanitation system which automatically sanitises the cooler daily.

Q.How often do in-line water filters need to be changed ?


We use a 1 Micron Cryptosporidium Carbon in line filter in all our P.O.U coolers. These filters needs to be replaced every six months. One of our technicians can perform this task, usually at the same time as sanitisation.

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