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The first coffee percolator in 1818.

The first coffee machine was made in 1818 by Mr Laurens of Paris, France.

His machine was a percolator type coffee machine.
His percolator consisted of a metal pot with a chamber at the bottom which is placed on the heat. A vertical pipe extends from the chamber to the percolators top.
Just below the top of this pipe is a perforated chamber.
The water when heated rose up the pipe and infused the coffee above.


The espresso, not eXpresso, machine was first invented in 1822 by a French man named Louis Bernard Rabaut.

His espresso machine used steam to force hot water through ground coffee, creating the first espresso coffee machine. The first Italian coffee machine dates back to 1901 when an engineer, Luigi Bezzera registered his patent in Milan. This machine had a column shaped body made from copper and brass and had a very imposing presence. Bezzera’s design became the standard for decades and is still being made by companies today for business looking for a more traditional style machine.

Dr Ernest Illy invented the first automatic espresso machine in 1833, he went on to found Illy Caffe (Caffe is Italian for Coffee).

Today’s modern espresso machine was invented by Achilles Gaggia in 1946.
On the 5th of September 1938 Achilles Gaggia filed patent no. 365726 and the modern steam-free coffee machine had arrived.

Gaggia achievement was soon after put on hold due to the out break of the Second World War.
After the war had ended Achilles Gaggia created his company Gaggia who are still making espresso machines today.

Coffee Machines

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